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Blackjack strategy – with simple strategies and tricks to success

The 10 best tips and tricks

If you use our blackjack strategy charts while playing, you already have everything you need to successfully play the card game online. But there are also a few other blackjack rules of thumb that you can follow to further improve your chances of winning.

Learn the Blackjack Basic rules

As we have mentioned several times in the course of this guide, the use of the basic blackjack strategy from our tables is almost inevitable if you want to play successfully.

Choose the game with the best chance of winning

Whether in land-based casinos or online gaming: In almost all good casinos different variants of the game are offered. Choose, according to our description above, the blackjack game that promises you the best chance of winning.

Choose your bets wisely

Before you start playing for real money, you should think about your budget and how much you will bet per game round. Basically, you should never bet more than 5% of your budget per game in order to be able to overcome a long dry spell without any problems and to have enough money in the backhand for doubledowns and splits.

Stay away from side bets

Some blackjack games offer side bets such as perfect pairs or similar bets. You should keep your hands off these as the house advantage for the additional bets is significantly higher than in normal play.

Blackjack no-gos

In blackjack, there are some no-gos to decisions that you should never make. This includes:

  • Draw another card with 17 or more points.
  • Split two cards with a value of 5 or 10.
  • Hold when you have a 12 through 16 and the dealer has a 7 or better.
  • What you should always be doing.

Just like the general no-go rules, there are also a few things that you should always do:

  • Split 8-8 and Ace-Ace.
  • Draw a card on a soft 17.
  • Double at 11 points.

Free seats

The rumors that where you sit at the blackjack table could have a major impact on your chances of winning are false. Since blackjack is played in land-based casinos and also in most online variants with several decks, you can only gain a negligible advantage at a later place with the cards that the other players at the table also receive.

Only claim special bonus offers

If you want to play blackjack online, you should not accept the numerous bonus offers, such as a welcome bonus. These bonuses are mostly tailored to slot players and cannot be used in blackjack, or only to a very small extent. Some online casinos also offer special blackjack bonus offers that are particularly attractive for card game lovers.

At start, you should start with online blackjack

Playing in online casinos has significant advantages, especially for beginners. So you can give yourself enough time to make your decision and of course consult a blackjack table. But the stake levels on the Internet are also much more advantageous for beginners, as you can play from $ 0.10, while you have to stake at least $ 5.

Card counting doesn’t work everywhere

Card counting is considered to be the most promising blackjack strategy when used under appropriate conditions. Unfortunately, with automatic online blackjack games it is not possible to count cards and use them as an online casino trick. You can only use card counting in live blackjack. It is also not welcomed in land-based casinos.

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